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If you’re a stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated mom looking to make self-care a daily habit while still being present with your family, then you already know that you need to put yourself at the top of the priority list.

You know you should put the proverbial oxygen mask on yourself first. You know you should be exercising consistently and moving your a$$ daily.



Making exercise a habit is not as complicated as you are making it.

  • You only need a few minutes a day.

    So many of us try to make changes that are unsustainable because we start off too big.
  • Comparisonitis is a new habit killer.

    It doesn't matter what your friend/sister/coworker is doing. You need to meet yourself where you are.
  • Motivation is NOT what you need.

    People who make changes that stick don't have more motivation than you do.
  • Discipline gives you freedom.

    Having some discipline doesn't take away your flexibility. It increases it.
  •  There are multiple ways to find time in your day.

    We all have the same number of hours in a day. We just use them differently.

Even though the reasons to make exercise a daily habit are a complete no brainer, the path to actually doing it is anything but


Sounds great. But where the heck do I start?


You've vowed to do this before. You've bought the DVD's, the online subscriptions and the gym memberships. You've made the perfect playlist and registered for a 5K as motivation. You cleaned the clothes off the treadmill in the basement or the elliptical in the corner of your bedroom and you declared, THIS TIME I REALLY F&%$ING MEAN IT. I AM GOING TO START EXERCISING.

But even with the best intentions, you've fallen off the path.

Here is why so many of us abandon our plan to take care of our bodies. Most of us don't have a manageable and sustainable plan and we don't meet ourselves where we are. We begin with expectations that are unrealistic, while at the same time failing to give ourselves permission to do things imperfectly. And then when life inevitably throws us a curve ball, we judge ourselves, call ourselves failures, and we quit. 

We become victims to perfection paralysis. 

As the (figurative and literal) driver of the family bus, you cannot afford to neglect yourself and indefintely veer off course. The moment you take a detour is usually followed by the decision to throw in the towel for good. That's why making exercise a part of your daily routine is something you have to figure out how to do.

No matter how many times you've failed in the past, you CAN figure this out.

You just need to develop a realistic and sustainable plan that works for you and your family.

The 5 Mindset Shifts You Need to Make Right Now

To Make Exercise A Habit 


Eliminate Self-Neglect For Good 

Mindset Shift #1

Exercise is something you do because you LOVE your body. 

(and not because you hate it)

People who don't exercise regularly view it as punishment. But exercise is the biggest gift you can give yourself.

MIndset Shift #2

Exercise Makes You A Better Parent 

(not a selfish one)

So many of us convince ourselves that taking ten or twenty or thirty minutes every day to take care of our body and brain is selfish and time that should be spent with the kids. 

But the reality is that investing time in yourself allows you to be more present and focused and patient with your children.

Mindset Shift #3

Motivation Is Bullsh*t

(making exercise a habit has nothing to do with motivation)

Motivation is fleeting for all of us. Even the most elite athletes aren't motivated to workout every day. 

People who have made exercise a part of their daily routines have developed habits that are manageable and sustainable, and this eliminates the need for motivation.

MIndset Shift #4

A Few Minutes A Day Is Enough

(you don't need to exercise for massive amounts of time)

We so often fail to implement exercise as a habit because we falsely believe we have to allocate massive amounts of time for it to make a difference. When you meet yourself where you are and start off with what is reasonable for where you are right now, you can stack on top of that when you are ready. 

The key is to start off small.

MIndset Shift #5

Exercise Is Not Just For Your Body

(it's the biggest gift you can give your brain, too)

Exercise is the best stress reliever out there. It's a natural and super effective antidepressant.

It helps you move out of your comfort zone not just physically, but emotionally, and it helps you deal with the ups and downs that accompany parenthood and life in general.

Exercise is also the catalyst for getting your sh*t together in every other area of your life.When you exercise you are more efficient, more productive, and even more organized.

Shh...I'm going to let you in on

a dirty little secret

There are moms who have been able to establish exercise as a part of their self care routine.

They don't have more time than you (we all have the same 24 hours). It's not about money or how many kids you have or not having enough money to purchase that fancy gym membership.

As long as you can avoid the most common mistakes/excuses/mindset traps that prevent you from developing habits your future self will be totally psyched about ten, twenty, and thirty years down the road, you will have success.

The key ingredient to this is figuring out what works for YOU and your family.

And with your permission, that's what I'd love to help you do.

"Life is crazy, even with just one child, a hubby and a dog. Susie's courses have changed my daily routine to make more time for things I didn't think I had time for, like exercise, and taking time for me!"

Kathryn, Mom, Wife, & Current Course Member 

"Susie's courses are legit. I highly recommend taking her courses. It's such a great value for what you come away with. In my opinion, it's priceless. I can't imagine being stuck with who I was a year ago. I love the new me and I never would have been able to do it without Susie and the community she has created for her members. I'm not sure how to live without them. Looking forward to what 2020 brings!"

Maureen, Mother, Wife, & Current Course Member


Ten Days To A Better You

What you need to lay the groundwork for making exercise a regular part of your daily routine.

I've taken everything I've learned as a mom of five who works both in and outside of the home and created a systematic course that works for any woman.

I've coached and guided thousands of women in just about all 50 states, six countries. and four continents (and counting) how to make changes that work for their schedule, their family and their lives.

I've not only created an actionable plan for you to follow, but also a super supportive online community that not only helps you figure out what works best for you, but lets you know you are never alone in your challenges.

The end result is not

Ten Days To A Better You is the ONLY program of its kind that…

1. Shifts your mindset around exercise.
2. Is flexible and works anywhere you are.
3. Works with all ages, all sizes, and all levels of ability.
4. Is manageable, sustainable, and realistic.
5. Allows you to determine what works for you and your family.

So if you’re ready to finally make exercise a habit without guilt, overwhelm and deprivation,

Here's how I'll help you get there:

Feature #1

10 Manageable Lessons Dripped Over 10 Days

Daily lessons delivered straight to your email inbox and also available in your course library.

  • actionable, manageable tasks
  • worksheets, journal planning pages, and printable pdf's
Feature #2

Closed Facebook Membership

An unmatched private Facebook community where you will receive guidance, support, and accountability.

Feature #3

8 Live Coaching Sessions Via Facebook Live

 Live Facebook Coaching Sessions on

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  • Tuesday, January 7th

[100% Money Back Guarantee]

Show me that you followed the course content, completed all tasks, participated in live coaching calls and did not have success in making changes, and I will gladly refund your money.

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